Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Ruination" - A Goer?

I have booked a hall for the third weekend in January to run "Ruination". The intention was that it would be a big army bash with forces of 4000 points.

To make it economic I need at least 12 participants. I have been receiving some signals that this may be a stretch.

Therefore I'm asking local gamers what their preference is:

A. Ruination - 4000 points, 4 rounds, no Grand Army

B. Fellblade - 2400 points, 6 rounds

Please only vote if you intend attending or if there is a high chance you'll attend. If you go for "Fellblade" can you select a preference:

1. No Comp
2. FOB-Lite Comp
3. Swedish Comp
4. ETC Comp

I'll take feedback up to Friday evening and then make a decision.


  1. Hi Pete, I'm on of those who wasn't overly keen on 4000 points (hence volunteering to umpire).

    B and 3/4, I know they're not perfect comp systems but a change would be nice.

    Thanks. Jeff

  2. I am keen to go for 4000pt but it does seem like it might be difficult to make up the dirty dozen required.

    The main concerns that I heard were that games wouldn't finish, would be quite draining, and the thought of building/painting that force for one event was daunting. The first could be managed with some discipline (and mild TO prodding), second would be fine if only playing 2 games a day and eating/drinking (should be no more draining that 3/4 games at 2400pt), and the last should be able to managed with some borrowing of armies.

    If we get enough I'd come to A (1st preference), failing that I will come to B. Comp wise the only system I don't really like is ETC comp, 1/2/3 all agreeable to me. If I had to pick I'd go 1 (no comp) just to see what crawls out of the woodwork and see if anything needs to be amended for FOB-Lite in 2014.

    I suspect that 4000pt won't be hugely more taxing that 2400pt really, most armies will add more toys rather than anything else, and once games begin options tend to narrow down. If anyone is keen to play a 4000pt practice game with me - I can write a battle report up and post somewhere so everyone can see that it is a manageable level to play at.

  3. I'd much prefer Ruination, 4,000 points of awesomeness beats yet another 2,400 point tournament (as great as they are).

    A potential compromise might be for 3,000 points.

    I'm fairly confident of attending; it's my birthday then and I'd rather have time to myself rather than toys.

  4. I'm all amped for 4000pts of Broken Empire pwning all before it...however I understand that some people find the points level off putting (logistical exactly do I transport 300 skinks?, Slow play, "balance" issues, painting etc).

    I would prefer an event as opposed to no event. SO if Ruination gets outvoted I am all keen for an ETC event...HOWEVER it would have to be with full ETC rules (ie battleline only, ETC terrain rules) otherwise the comp doesnt make any sense. As much as I enjoy "Swedish-hammer" the mental energy required to write a list over summer would be too draining!

    To make it easy for Pete "A" with a fall back of "B/4"

    Joel V

  5. I'm also of the view 4000pt is too higher a points value, think 3000pts would offer broader appeal, but likely attend A if it happens.

    Variety is great, so B/2 would appeal the least, B/4 the most, given it very different (given Joel's comments above, it needs to all or nothing).

  6. B/4 would be great to try. I would go to both, but much prefer 2400.

  7. I'm really not keen on 3000 points as it tends to become 2400 + extra heros/lords (ie not that much different from 2400)

    Love to run the 4000 points if possible as I think it would be really different. I can offer full 4000 point armies - Vampires, Wood Elves, Ogres, Tomb Kings, Lizards - or forces to supplement other races e.g. O&G, WoC, Empire, High Elves.

    So for me it's either 4000 points or 2400 points

    At moment:

    Pete, Tom, Ryan, Tane, Joel, Mike, Sam W......that's seven. If we could get 3-5 more it would work

  8. Keen to try A.

    About an 80% chance of attending atm.

  9. A. & 1.

    So many warmachines....

    Defiantly get some leave for this one. 4000 points sounds like a whole crap load of fun.


  10. I've now received a leave pass for this (yay!). Prefer Ruination but if it has to be Fellblade, then etc comp would be good to give the team a practice tournament.

    A then B4.


  11. As I have 4000pts of dwarf awesomeness and probably better for Pete, 4000pt of High Elves (after all two dragons should eat up a lot of points)

    I would just have to confirm that I am free that weekend

  12. I intend to come for the weekend.
    Initially I was not that interested in a 4000 point but then thought what the heck - I get to push toy soldiers around and roll some dice and should get a fun 3 turns in!
    So vote A as this is what you originally intended Pete
    If we go with B - equally happy to attend but would prefer option 3

    1. 3 turns????? Love the Optimism Neil!

      I move that Neil be banned from bringing his Goblin army...or at least have a maximum number of units cap imposed! :P

    2. If I bring my Goblins can I have an extra wide table Pete so it will all fit on. Oh and a little scooter so I can get around the table faster.

  13. There is sufficient interest to run Option A - Ruination - and so I will be going with that. Thanks to you all for your feedback. It helped clarify demand.

    I wrote pack last night and gave a draft to Jeff kent who has offered to umpire.

    The headline details are:

    4000 Points
    8' x 4' Tables
    4 Rounds each 4 hours long
    2x Blood & Glory; 2x Battleline
    No Grand Army, max unit size 600 points, 12 PD limit

    The pack is complete and will go out this weekend.

    Hope to see you there.