Thursday, October 6, 2011

ATC for Fantasy - The South Rises Again!

This year a group of Australian gamers created the first Australian Team Championship for 40k. Next year this will be extended to include Fantasy as well.

The format is based on the successful ETC format and will involve teams of 8 people from each of the Australian states. After an invitation to send a New Zealand team, I have lobbied to get two NZ teams admitted, splitting the country pretty much by population – NZ North (Taupo and above) and NZ South (below Taupo).

A couple of weeks ago I posted on various New Zealand forums to see who was interested in participating in the NZ South team and got a great response. We have certainly got enough for a team and I have gone ahead and confirmed NZ South’s involvement.

As it stands the following players have sent me emails indicating their interest to participate:

• Three Dunns (Jack, Tom and Yours Truly)

• Mal Patel

• Joe Dixon

• Tim Norling

• Basil Moskovis

• Locky Reid

There is also some interest mooted on the forums but not as yet followed up by email confirmation.

The intention is to contact those interested with greater details and find out what armies they have available to play with. We’ll then look at confirming the team before Xmas. Over the early part of 2012 the team will look at working on their lists with the goal of having a couple of practise weekends before the event.

It’s not too late for others to be involved but it will involve a reasonable financial commitment. In 2012 the ATC is being held in Melbourne, most likely in September. The practice weekends will be at Chez Dunn. This means that out of towners will need to budget that into their decision. However, accommodation, transfer and food will be covered while they are here.

Looking forward to being involved in the event –and as John Mitchell would say “the journey”. Thje worst outcome is that it will develop a deeper base of NZ gamers with teams-experience for future ETCs.

Now hopefully the NZ North team will get up and running – potential for a North vs. South challenge looms!!


  1. Well Done Pete on getting two NZ teams into the ATC!

    It looks like you have the makings of a very strong team to send over in 2012.

  2. Next year, something for the Calendar. Team South looks strong, too strong, they may need comping.

  3. Good to hear you're coming back across the pond! I'll definitely have to start looking into this Warhammer thing.

    And then get an invite to the ATC ... oh ...