Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Golden Age of the Wireless

So this week is the first of Charlie's regular spots on 40kUK podcast. It can be downloaded on iTunes or from here

New From Across the Pond – Charles St Clair (a new addition to the podcast) reports from New Zealand and the tournament scene there – 02:11:37.

You can click on Charlie at 2 hours 11 minutes into the show where he goes through his Ork army. given his success with them it's worth a listen.....especially those of you who are 0-7 against them!


  1. Finally i can listen to his sultry tone as i fall asleep every night.
    On a serious note, dave (the interviewer) was pretty mud at points. Charlie would say something, then dave would just repeat it but in a question form. Its pretty funny once u notice it

  2. Sweet interview Charles :) It will defs be good to hear some more general tournament tactica stuff from you! Especially as I have not played seven games against the Orks yet, let alone against the puppies lol. I'm looking forward to that game game early December hopefully :)