Friday, October 7, 2011

Product Review - Liquid Green Stuff

All the hype - see White Dwarf if you don't believe me - this month is on the release of Dreadfleet. I must say I am extremely impressed with the models but the price tag of $220 (NZD) puts me off purchasing what could be a game of limited re-playability.

Almost missed in the hype has been the release of some new hobby products under the Citadel banner. I'm not going to comment on the clean-up brush, flash scraper or emery boards except to say they fall in the same category as the paint palette and water pot.

However one new product that caught my eye was "Liquid Green Stuff" ans so I dutifully trotted off to GW on Tuesday and picked up a pot.

Last night I took the opportunity to try it out on an Ogre Thundertusk I put together last weekend.

What a great product, easy to use and it cleans up in water. Use an old brush, preferably one with harder bristles.

Left to dry overnight it is now ready to sand - damn I really should have picked up those emery boards. Oh wait! I can use the small bit of sandpaper I have handy. Saved!

What amazes me is the value for money of this product. I really don't understand the price point of $7.00 when compared to other offerings. I would have expect this to retail at 3x the price - I can only guess that other manufacturers must make a similar product which restricts GW pricing.

Anyway grab it. It is one useful product.


  1. I have barely heard about this stuff at all. What are the suggested uses for it? It sounds like it would be ideal for plugging gaps in models that don't sit flush when you assemble them. Is this the sole use that is discussed?

  2. I am sure it's appearance along with the new FineCast range is purely a coincidence...

  3. Interesting. I presume its ready to go straight from the pot? No mixing?

  4. Yep....straight from the pot.

    Main use is gap filling I suspect

  5. its only for gap filling

  6. I used it for on some Pump Wagon conversions... Great product!

  7. I've textured some tree trunks with it, it's ace.