Sunday, October 9, 2011

New BSB for my Skaven

I picked up Quickblade from Banelords this week and have painted him up as my new BSB.

He looks more brutish than most Skaven having a snout that is almost dog-like. I suspect it has been broken many times. He also has a scar/cut running from the top of his head through his eye. All in all he reminds me of "Mutley" from the old cartoons.

I've christened him "Thugly".

The banner still needs to be painted. I'm not sure whether to paint a huge raincloud on it for the "Storm Banner" or something more generic.

The only modification is that I've removed the halberd as it arrived partly broken


  1. Hi there. Looks great! I was taking a look at this model - how does he compare to a "regular" GW Skaven in terms of size? Does he look out of place?
    Also, in general are WFB minis 25 or 28 mm?

  2. Yeah he fits in very well with the other Skaven. He is brutish...thick neck. Looks about as friendly as a South African front row forward.