Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big things on that horizon over there yonder...

Hi guys,

after a little bit of hiatus, I'm back, with a bang, faster than the speed of light like some crazy neutrino!

Things have until now been fairly quiet on the hobby front for me, as I've been racking up 80, 90, 100+ hour weeks at work. That being said, there's a bit coming up that has really upped my enthusiasm so I hope to achieve a fair bit going forward!

Tonight I have an interview/section with http://www.40kuk.com/ in a piece that will primarily focus on this end of the globe, the difference between the wargaming scenes in the hemispheres, and a few other things besides. If all goes well it could become a bit of a regular segment, so that would be quite interesting!

I've also been asked to captain a team of New Zealanders for the ATC, which is essentially very similar to the ETC but for people who are too cheap to sink the thirty plus thousand dollars it would take to send a team to Europe. I'd like to use 2012 as a springboard to show the lads they have what it takes, do a clean sweep on the event, and use this as motivation and push to get NZ to the ETC in 2013, but we'll focus on things one step at a time :)

Because the ATC is a state/regional thing, its important to maintain the perspective; that this is above the club level, but below the national level.

The best parallel I can draw, is Rugby League, where you have your clubs (Manly, Warriors, Storm, etc), State of Origin (Queensland vs NSW), and the Kiwi's embarassing the Kangaroo's on the national level.

I'm quite excited about this, and I can't think of a better way to prepare for the ETC, and really feel it could help build some depth in the New Zealand Scene.

I have a few other things cooking on the boiler also, but until they progress a bit further I'll stay mum on them.

- Charlie

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  1. Wish I had enough money to go next year :( Team events are just awesome!