Monday, October 10, 2011

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Redux

And at the Throne of Skulls at Warhammer World over the weekend, there was an effective demonstration of what you can get with no comp.

Bryan Carmichael (who from Twitter conversations I’ve had with him is a lovely bloke) took Tomb Kings and won the event.

The lynchpin of his army was Queen Khalida and a unit of 89 Archers. Khalida improves the archers shooting to a never modified BS3 i.e. always hit on 4s, and poisoned shots.

What that means is each turn on average 45 shots hit the target, 15 of them poisoned. Of the other 30 – 15 more wounds (T3), 10 more wounds (T4) and 5 more wounds (T5 or T6).

In one game, this saw a Bloodthirster deleted in one turn, most of 30 Bloodletters the next etc.

As I said before “This is why we can’t have nice things”.


  1. Just add smiting for opponent tears and/or fists..

  2. And casket for flavor, hate that thing

  3. And finally, add carrion birds - to pick over your pin-cushioned soul-less corpses. Just because.

  4. If it was no comp why not just make a unit of 40 knights to counter that I doubt you are going to roll 40 ones in 2 turns. I think there are counters to everything. 90 skele archers arent gonna do much in combat. Not his fault no one else is smart enough to take some extremes.

    No comp allows for some pretty awesome stuff people just don't think of it cause its not the norm and therefore it wins.

  5. No one in their right mind rocks up to a tournament expecting to face that sort of filth, surely?!

  6. To be fair, at a no comp, you have to expect the unexpected! It's kinda fun in its own way. Could you bring something bizarre that no-one sees coming?

  7. No comp does have its advantages.
    It promotes a certain type of creativity but most importantly, helps new players get into the tourney scene as they can chuck the armies they have straight in

  8. @nikolectric: I agree with you, except it can also have the opposite effect as the seasoned old timers read the words "no comp" to mean "bring the filth/gloves off/find your inner baby seal clubber".

    I cant see the new players enjoying that sort of environment, but that is just me.

  9. true. but the swiss chess system should make at least most of their matchups even as theyll play other people at the same level.
    For the growth of the scene, it would help if one of the large events was no comp. Im by no means saying all of them should be, but its hard enough getting people to go to events, wihtout another barrier, no matter how little in the way.

    The people at the top will all max out just as they do in a hard caps system, so the playing ground should be even.

    Dont get me wrong, i feel the game needs a limit to make it truely competitve. But for introducing new peeps, perhaps it may be of some value.
    Battlecry for instnace gets lots of new people or ones who dont attend any other tourney, and it accomodates for them by making the field provide fun and soft games. But i wonder how many people are put off by the pages of restrictions? Just food for thought.