Saturday, October 22, 2011

GW's New Terrain Piece

How great is this?

I want one!!!!!

This is so going to be Seerlord Morskitta's Lair!!!!


  1. Holy poop on a stick!!! Thats freakin awesome!!!

  2. I wanna shoot it with cannons and Grudge Throwers! Can we play with the building demolition rules next time.....?

  3. ME WANT. Stupid GW making want to play with cool terrain...every new piece is another defence of mine that was stopping me getting their gaming table broken through!

    ie that piece would look a bit out of place on my green cloth over dinner table, but would look awesome on the 3D game tables on one of the hilly areas (and possibly even more cool if converted onto one of the hills to put on the hilly area...).

    @Tane: trust a dwarf player to dream of destroying it when all I'm thinking of is how many Glade Guard shots/turn I can get shooting out of it.

  4. When I start playing High Elves, I'll no doubt have an urge to paint it white, then dance around it reciting epic poetry about butterflys by moonlight.

    In the meantime, "Battery, Roundshot, Charge 5, Load!"