Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Update

I didn’t get a game in over the weekend…..Grrrr. But I did get one last Thursday night against Joel’s Empire list.

Joel used a list modified from his HomeCon army, swapping out the second unit of Flagellants for a War Altar. I thought that this was a far better build and gave him a pretty awesome offensive magic phase with the full Light deck and 4 from Shadow. He charged my HPA with the flagellant unit and though I managed to stop Timewarp when he cast Mindrazor with IF that was more than enough to see my big rat off. As I remember I had to make 16 4+ saves.

Although I managed to grind out a victory I was quite lucky in that Joel’s Seal of Destruction failed to destroy Crack’s Call and the second casting did for the Steam Tank that had been clogged up by slaves.

Over the weekend I made up some new movement trays for the army to better accommodate the formations and size of units that I’m using. These were the Litko ones I purchased earlier in the year. My preference is still for the Gale Force Nine trays which I think are a little more robust. These are now painted, magnetised and ready to go.

The repairing of chips on metal models continued. The initial batch I did with two coats of gloss polyurethane and then one of matt. I haven’t sprayed Dullcote on them as the hand brushed Vallejo Matt does a good enough job. Just about to start on my fourteen Lustrian PCBs –which are probably my favourite Skaven models.

New painting to be done includes finishing the FW Vermin Lord and painting the Avatars of War Vermin Warlord. I received the latter model last week. For me the jury is still out on this model as it looks a little naff unpainted. Hopefully it’ll grow on me once I paint it.

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