Thursday, October 27, 2011

Conquest This Weekend

Good luck to everyone playing at Conquest in Christchurch this weekend.

This is the last tournament of the New Zealand ranking "season" and has attracted strong competitions in both Fantasy and 40k.

Without seeing the full field, I'm aware Mal Patel and Locky Reid who finished 1st and 2nd at Guardcon are there and I expect both to place in the Top 5. Expect also to see some real tight results as another 6 South Island players are in the current Top 20 - Basil Moskovis, Raymond Wallace, Damon Quaid, Darren Urquhart and Tim Joss.

This competition is going to have areal impact on the make up of the Masters field as people try to force their way into the Top 10.

Here's my take on the situation (I believe 200 points from 3 events is need to qualify Top 10):

Mal Patel (Lizards) - Safely ensconced as #1 and nothing here can change it.

Locky Reid (Skaven) - Protecting 46 points. Needs to finish in the Top 12 here to hold his place for Masters qualification.

Basil Moskovis (Vamps) - Protecting 1.5 points. Safe as houses for the Masters.

Raymond Wallace (Skaven) - Not protecting points but depending on other players needs to finish at least 8th or 9th to cement a Masters place.

Damon Quaid (WoC) - Again not defending points but needs to finish no lower than 7th to guarantee a place at the Masters table.

Darren Urquhart (Dark Elves) - Protecting 59 points. A near podium finish is required to muscle him into the Masters.

Tim Joss (O&G) - The man with the bullet. A finish in the top half of the field will likely see him qualify for the Masters. to date only has two results so all the points he scores are gravy.

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  1. I prescribe more Purple Suns and Pits of Shades for Mal. Good luck to all involved, and hopefully my house is safe as well, and I see some of these folks at Masters.