Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Squig Hoppers - Local Fantasy Network

Last night (with Jack's help) I set up a new web-based forum for local gamers. The forum is aimed at Wellington-based Fantasy gamers as a place to interact and extend their network. One of the prime goals is to act as a posting board to organise games.

Squig Hoppers

So introducing Squig Hoppers......

The board is not associated with any club or playing group. Rather it is open to all gamers who are trying to expand their circle of opponents. A lot of people game at home and may only have a limited number of opponents. Hopefully this will give them some new options.

The board can be found here

If you'd like access to the board drop me an email on and I'll arrange access and activation. We are going through a registration and activation process to keep the spam bots away.

So if you're keen to join up drop me a line.

Also if other areas in New Zealand would like a forum added for their own networks I'm happy to do that.

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  1. Great idea, our Tronhammer soldiers suffer from limited opposition flavour. We're trying to remedy this by all of us owning 5 armies mindyou.