Monday, October 3, 2011


It’s funny isn’t it how you can play the game very regularly and get the most straightforward rule wrong.

On Saturday I had a game against Tim’s latest WOC build with the Skaven and had just that thing happen. Tim charged a unit of Gutter Runners with first his Disk Rider, then his BSB and finally a unit of Marauders. I fled from the first charge and then subsequently from the other two, finally exiting the board. For the last 15 months I’ve played that you move the charging units in the order they charged, but as Tim showed me this is not correct. The owning player may move his chargers in any order he wishes. In our game it had no impact but I can see situations where it would.

Can’t believe I’ve missed or (perhaps, Alzheimers) forgotten that rule.


  1. That's how it was in 7th Ed, and the change to the rules was a rather subtle one. It's one reason why the MRoChallenge isn't used as much by Dwarf players. You could screw up a charge by a strong unit by forcing a weaker one to charge first. Not it doesn't matter, as once the charges are declared, it's up to the owning player to decide the order of movement.

    In a perfect world, GW would highlight all of these rule changes in some sort of 'transition document', rather than leaving them buried for players to stumble on months or years later. The writers should note these down as they develop the new rules set. But the world is perfect, and GW doesn't seem capable of that sort of tight, comprehensive rules design.


  2. Don't panic most of us are in the same boat rules wise. We had 10 years where the rules were very little changed.