Thursday, May 29, 2014

Freaking Sharks with Freaking Lasers on Their Heads

Sorry, I've been quiet over the past few days that's a combination of recovering from the boredom that is ETC Skaven abd because on Tuesday I had my eyesight corrected by laser surgery.

There's not much I can do about the first - other than will the next two months of gaming to be over - but the second has been "eyeopenning".

No need for glasses or contacts and because I took the blended vision I can see at distant and up close for painting and reading.


  1. That's awesome Pete, was meaning to ask how it went. I have conflicted feelings about mixing eyes with lasers but seems to have worked out. It's all good, till you see what Joel actually looks like i suppose.

    1. Looks like disappointment and underachieving from here XD. Maybe if he could actually see Joel he'd stop picking him to podium..

  2. Very brave of you Pete.
    I expect all our painting scores will go down now that you have sharper eyesight.

  3. Laser surgery was the best money I spent on anything ever. Well worth it, and not especially painful or annoying.

    As for the Skaven being boring, if you want to mix it up, why not play against the army? Ask someone to play your army while you come up with the nasiest lists you can to try and take it apart with Daemons, Dark Elves etc.

    Looking at your army from across the table might give some valuable insights and alleviate the tedium.

  4. Pete's eyesight was always at least good enough to identify, and point out ass crack from the far end of the hall, so I'm guessing there was only so much room for improvement at long range.