Monday, May 19, 2014

"New" Warhammer 40k

Over the weekend I read the "great news" in my White Dwarf Weekly about the new version of 40k and also cruised some forums.

The first thing I noticed was that this is not "7th Edition". Even GW have sufficient shame not to try and sell a new."number" so close to the release of the last one. However not enough shame to sell me a digital copy of the 40k rules the week before Adepticon ( but as I always say "The Weak Must Be Punished").

I have a strong feeling that over time this will get branded "Warhammer 40k Unbundled" and the next edition - hopefully not in two more years - will become 7th.

However the funniest thing I found was the optimism around "Unbound Armies" on the forums extended to the novel concept that people would self-regulate.

Are you f#%king mad? If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.


  1. Unbound is with opponents permission from what I understand.

  2. Yes but assuming it becomes the norm e.g. Tournaments do you expect anyone to self regulate

  3. I expect there to be a couple of tournaments to try it out. But on the whole I suspect there are multiple force organisation charts, since they go on about battle-forged and there are specific benefits to the what is the standard force org chart, so I suspect the chart that is used will have to be specified in the players packs.

    I am in a holding pattern in terms of any real thought about 40k right now until the book comes out.

    I also suspect that if unbound is in place the spectre of comp will raise its head again,

  4. "We never expected anyone to take two Lash Princes???"

    Final product will tell all, still cautiously optimistic that it may be a step in the right direction for 40k.... however have nothing to back that up with at the moment aside from a potential massive restriction in allies compared to current status.