Tuesday, May 13, 2014

White Dwarf Weekly

So the new WD Weekly has been going for over three months now and I thought I'd give an update on my thoughts.

I am guessing that I am in a minority in that I like it. I get that a lot see it as no more than an advertising pamphlet but in comparison to the last 24 months of White Dwarf Monthly I see it as a massive improvement.

Firstly, I like the regularity of it. With the monthly I was always left with a deflating "Is that it?" type of feeling. This was because it never really felt fresh. I'd flick through it in 5 minutes and rarely went back to it.

Some issues I still flick through rather quickly but there does appear to be more immediacy each issue.

Of course it is a pale reflection of WD a decade ago but I generally find enough in it to see me through a coffee.

Will I keep getting it? Probably. Has it inspired any add-on sales? Absolutely nada. I would far prefer it to be delivered by post but I generally pass a shop at some point over the course of a week and pick it up.

Strangely I feel I'm getting as much in a weekly as I was in the monthly - and at half the issue price (but twice the monthly outlay).

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