Monday, May 26, 2014

Horned Rat VII Results

Over the weekend Horned Rat VII was held in Wellington. The event was 5 rounds, 2400 points using the latest ETC comp, rules and maps.

Twenty six people participated after two had to unfortunately drop due to illness.

Here are the results:

Best Sport: Alix Barclay

Best Presented:

1. Charlie Lloyd ( Dark Elves )
2. Dan Butler ( Warriors of Chaos )
3. Pete Dunn ( Skaven )

A big thanks to Charlie St Clair for giving up the weekend to umpire the event.

Please use the comments section to provide any feedback.


  1. I'd like to point out that I correctly predicted 4 of the top five.

    Only Jeff Kent let me down. Jeff proved that while he might be big in the Midwest, in Wellington it is a different story. He was however the best performer on day two picking up 40 points

  2. Great tournament, and I think those sport's scores were accurate, always a great vibe and a flawless event. I'll repeat my thanks to Charlie as well, time is the only thing you can't buy and I appreciate him spending it on us wargamers. Big thanks to Pete and Lyn as well for hosting me at the Chateau Dunn, and for enduring about 100 of us there over the weekend.


  3. Yep it was another great event with lots of enjoyable games and great people. Jeff "I'm a social gamer" Kent is a burglar 40pts in Day 2? Pfft!!! 2 Dwarves in the Top 10 including one in 2nd Place (well done McCrae) shame on the rest of you (cue non-Dwarf grumbling) and finally props to Simon "Miley Cyrus (nice call Charlie)" Switzer for the awesome haircut.