Sunday, May 4, 2014

Adepticon Recap #13 - Used Models

One of the really surprising things for me at Adepticon was discovering the used model sellers. In the hall outside the 40k events was a vendor who sold virtually anything you could imagine.

All the models were organised by race and by material. They were stored in 15 litre bins.

You grab a bin and rumage to your heart's content. In the foreground you can see Jack. He is snaffling all the metal Executioners he can lay his hands on.

I didn't dare go near the Skaven bins. However I picked up a bunch of metal Tomb Guard. Of course once you leave you think of hundreds of models you should have secured.

This is a bits box junkie's idea of heaven. I know local Hagen would have had a "Nerdgasm" if he had seen it.

Next year I'm going with a list!


  1. Oh the thought and the sight of it! Unbearable torture, Pete ! How can you post such a piece of Warhammer porn ?! Well censored of course - we cannot see a single thing in one of these attractive bins! As if we are not tortured enough down here in the Antipodes!