Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WHFB Scenery Removed?

I was checking out the GW site last evening and noticed something interesting - a lot of the WHFB scenery is missing.

Thinking it might be just a local phenomena I checked the UK site and it wasn't there either.

So what items are missing?

Chapel, Watch Tower, Skull Vane Manse, the two Citadel hills and the Temple of Skulls hill.

Bizarre. I wonder what has inspired that? Website incompetence or product withdrawal?


  1. I noticed the same thing, they withdrew them about 2 months ago from their old site (just before the launch of the new site). I wanted to buy watch tower and chapel.. so if anyone have them forsale let me know ;)

  2. well i was in GW in town on friday and they were taking quite a few things off the shelves (alot relating to the older lord of the rings kits) so it might be something big

  3. The hills have been removed from the webiste for a long time at least 6 months. Battlefield in a box hills are not available either from anywhere. Does this mean that all future balltes will take place on billiard greens or is the Earth now officially flat?

    Maybe it's a hill conspiracy. Who knows

  4. Your meant to buy a game board now. :) I still don't know anyone who has one. The competitors game mats appear to be selling well though. I think this is a case of GW shooting themselves in the foot. Sorry "you are meant to buy a game board now"