Saturday, May 17, 2014


It took some guy a week to make the world. It only took me an afternoon to make twenty hills.

Stage One - Cutting the Hills

So a sheet of 2" high density foam 8' x 4' makes 20 multilevel hills. I cut then out with jigsaw , sand the edges and glue with Liquid Nails.

Stage Two - Covering the Joins

To hide the unsightly joins I PVA the crack and stick very coarse sand on. Thris creates the impression of some rockfall, making the hill more aesthetically pleasing. I've added some extra patches of rock to break up the hill.

While this is drying I'm off to GW to pick up my White Dwarf - "This is Great News".

Stage Three - Basecoats

Before I get to flock the hills I need to basecoat them to give some "background".

Of course, as is always the case, you run out of paints before they are finished. So I'm off to Resene tomorrow for some testpots of "Possessed" and "Paper Maiche".

Stage Four - Finishing the Basecoats

Restocked with the necessary paints I was able to finish the basecoats last evening. I am giving them 24 hours before I move onto the final stages.

From here it is drybrushing - Desert = Whole Hill; Snow/Meadow = Rocks and Sidefaces - and then onto flocking.

Hopefully by Monday Wednesday they'll be largely done. My aim is to have all twenty ready for Horned Rat this weekend.


  1. Quite an impressive output for a mere mortal, but not quite up to the output of the other guy you refer to, you blasphemer :).
    But sorry, for HR they are far too small. I want to see infinitely high hills!

    1. I agree with Neil about the top job by both individuals mentioned, the one who took a week (since Tetleys is included in there), and yourself on the 20+ hills.

      Um, just a minor question on the hills though, are they going to smoothed off at some point or are they going to stay as they are? It's just that some of them don't look unit tray friendly.

      Also, what about other terrain? You got anyone to help out with the woods, etc?

      - Adam Richards

    2. They are very tray friendly. In fact I caught one of them asking a movement tray whether it would like to go to the pub for a drink and a bite to eat.

    3. Is it worthwhile keeping some of the offcuts to put on the sides of tables, so players can use them to balance movement trays. You're going to considerable effort to make some good looking terrain, a simple measure like that would make it more useable.

    4. Tane, this isn't a nanny state. People need to HTFU. Use a dice box.

  2. Great work Pete. ETC or not they will make for some great battles. I look forward to my +1 combat res.