Monday, May 19, 2014

FOB Warhammer Fantasy Rankings - Updated for Canopenner

Canopenner was run over the weekend in Auckland. This was a five round one dayer  and attracted 18 people.

John Willenbruch took it out with Vampire, James Cardno was 2nd with Daemons and Glen Tibbles was 3rd with Warriors.

Half the field had not previously been to a ranked event and the organisers deserve plaudits for their efforts in growing the tournament community. Hopefully we'll see these people at future Auckland events.

The rankings have been updated to include the results.

Interestingly no icons changed hands but we have seen James Cardno enter the Top 10 for the first time this year. John, Glen and Nick Munn are now all established in the Top 20.

James Brown remains the lowest ranked Kiwihammer host.


  1. "James Brown remains the lowest ranked Kiwihammer host."

    I'm surprised you haven't made this into an icon by now. It would certainly be the most hotly contested.

  2. Pete that was not me (glen Tibbles) it was my 12yr son!!