Saturday, May 3, 2014

Adepticon Recap #12 - Brandon Palmer's Worm King

While I thought Johnny Hastings' Beastmen were technically the best painted army in the WHFB Championships, there was absolutely no doubt as to what was the best presented.

Following on from his "Egg" win in 40k, Brandon from GMM Studios produced an absolutely stunning piece to win Best Presented in Fantasy.

First of all, this display is six foot tall. It is built around a wooden chair depicted as a throne.

Mounted on the Throne is a skeleton king and front there the army takes shape.

That's a Tabletop World Coaching Inn making up part of the town.

Here you can see it in all its glory as the Worm King's army (Warriors of Chaos) moves through the town.

The quality of the freehand on this banner is incredible and so is the striking use of colour throughout the army.

Everywhere you looked on the Throne there was something new to see....and marvel at.

Brandon has created a wonderfully evocative piece with fantastic attention to detail e.g. look at the Autumn leaf litter. It's a small detail but adds to the whole scene.

Here you get some idea of the scale....and work...that has gone into this.

Perched on top is a monster dragon.

In the Worm King's hand is a tome telling the story.....brilliant.

Another shot...and suddenly there's a chapel. Staggering.

It is pieces like this that made the whole journey to Chicago for Adepticon worthwhile. I spent twenty minutes looking at the piece and I don't for a minute think I saw every detail. Because of the grandeur of the piece the army itself gets a little lost. But drill down to look at it you see it is top notch.

Creatively I don't believe I've ever seen a piece that comes close to this in scale and execution.


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