Monday, May 26, 2014

Morskitta at Horned Rat VII

I took my Skaven to Horned Rat trying out one of the various builds I'm considering for the ETC later in the year.

The event used ETC rules, comp and terrain maps. I was keen to get five tough games to start to refine my skills as a blocker or "furry dwarf".

Game 1 - Peter Williamson (Wood Elves)

The game was going swimmingly well and looking like a 15-5 as Morskitta engaged cruise control on the Bell. Obviously he hit the wrong button as very quickly he lurched forward and was knocked down by Wild Riders and somebody did something very very wrong. One minute pleasant countryside and the next 1945 Hiroshima.

I made two mistakes in this game. I came a little to close to some Wild Riders who got a long charge in and killed the Seer. More importantly, I rolled three dice on the Bell - after engaging myself in conversation as to why I didn't have to nor should I. But I did and I rolled Triple Six for the fourth time in 4 years.

Over the last three turns I held things together to salvage a solid loss.

Loss 6-14

Game 2 -Raymond Dick (Beastmen)

Ray at 2700 points and a lot of chaff units. These were to act as a delivery system for a Ghorgon, Doombull on Carpet and a character bus. Unfortunately he went first and I was able to hit his army as they moved over terrain.

I didn't lose much and picked up points through for a solid win

Win 16-4

Game 3 - Glen Burfield (Daemons of Chaos)

The key thing in this game was that I was able to ground - for the full game - Glen's flying units. This allowed me to dictate the pace of the game and once I had removed the Horrors with Gateway I start to pick up consistent points.

Win 18-2

Game 4 - Tim Joss (Dark Elves)

Lost the Doomrocket to a misfire and blew up my Plagueclaw. That was the only points Tim got. I got nothing as we cagily disengaged one another.

I suspect this battle was typical of ETC. Five rolls on Bell to try and get Deafening Peals all failed. Even if it had gone off it would still have been a draw.

Draw 10-10

Game 5 - Joel van De Ven-Long (Empire)

Pretty much my worst possible match up. Three cannons (one on tank) plus Level 4 Life backed by Level 1 Fire. All of this plus a knight bus that approached 1200-1300 points (not including bonuses). It was both ITP and had MR3.

I made two mistakes in this. One re movement of Bell first turn. Second was taking a shot with WLC to kill last remaining knight from 5 man unit. Of course cannon blew up.

My Seer survived one Dwellers but HPA got shot by cannon after retreating from fireball. I picked up cannons for Gutter Runners and then reduced knight bus below 25%. Joel tried four times to re grow but I blocked all attempts.

In the end I was slightly up.

Draw 10-10

In the end I finished 6th on 60 BPs. The army lacks tools to win big but is very thrifty in giving up points. Over the weekend most of the points I gave away were from misfires or - in the case of game one - because of the bell.

I am getting better and after that first game switched into a risk averse ETC mode. I was really happy to get a draw with Joel as that matchup is at best a 3-4 points to me. Against Tim I think on another given day I'd work out an 11-12 win as my army is good counter to his.

Really happy I got five good games that allowed me to start channelling my inner dwarf. I controlled an aggressive urges in the main after the unfortunate incident with the Bell.

By September I am going to be so over this!

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