Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kickstarter - WINTERDALE: 3-D Printable Medieval Miniature Scenery

Matt Barker is a local wargamer currently running a Kickstarter campaign. WINTERDALE provides 3-D printable medieval scenery for miniature wargaming and roleplaying games.

The campaign has already been successful in meeting its funding goals and so will come to fruition.

You can find all the details here

Essentially you are buying copies of the 3-D printable files that allow you to create medieval buildings by printing on a 3-D printer.

There are four levels of support and most backers have gone for the full package - NZD $75 (around USD $50) which gives you all the Hamlet, Tower, Citadel and Castle files. In addition there are a great range of Stretch Goals that unlock further buildings.

This looks a fantastic Kickstarter and I am a backer. That it comes from a local creative firm makes it even more exciting for me.

There are only three-four days to go on this campaign and I urge you to support it.

Great effort Matt and thanks for the opportunity to fund it.


  1. For those of you at Clash of Kings last November at Kapati, the majority of the terrain there was supplied by Matt. I was very impressed by the terrain and the lovely Fern gave me a guided tour of all the various pieces.
    The printed buildings are of great quality, detail, modular and versatile. They paint up very well. The pictures on the video are accurate representations of what I remember seeing.
    As a comparison they are very similar to the tabletop world buildings.
    I strongly recommend these to anyone who wants to have some good looking buildings for their gaming.
    Well done Matt and I wish you every success.

  2. Anyone know what it would cost to have each building printed out somewhere that has a 3D printer? And is there any variation in quality based on the quality of the printer or material they use?

    1. Matt has answered your queries in regards to printer quality etc pretty well in the Kickstarter comments. They are, I believe, akso intending to have the plans able to be printed on smaller 3d printers. The research I have done thus far indicates that most printers now come with at least a 120mm print tray (and the largest item on the KS plans is apparently 110mm).

      Price wise... I asked someone at our local print shop and tbey said they couldnt really quote me a price without seeing the .stl file.

      I did see a place in Tauranga quoting 8.77 per cubic cm though... which "sounds" pricey.