Monday, January 25, 2016

Obstacles Finished.....

and get seal of approval!
Nurgle checks out obstacles to ensure "Strider" still operative

Last evening while watching "Beasts of No Nation" (check it out Idris Elba should definitely got a Best Actor Oscar nomination), I managed to finish my obstacles.

This are from UK firm "Renadra" and available from Mighty Ape.
Improvised obstacles (front left), fences (front right) and palisades (back).
They've been mounted on hardboard and finished with sand, static grass, clump foliage and tufts. Probably enough for 6-8 tables.

Nice easy project when motivation for figure painting is low.


  1. Those wattle fences at the back came out nicely.

    1. Yeah. When I got them I was a bit "meh" but they paint up well. And versatile

  2. Look excellent, nice work.

    And I'm no zoologist, but that looks more like a cat than a seal mate.