Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Runefang - An Invitation

Runefang is on this weekend with "Kings" on Saturday and "War" on Sunday.

This is an invitation to any local who wants to come along for a look, to please do so. Each event is four games - and the schedule is quite tight - starting at around 8.00am (first dice 8.15am) and continuing through to 5.00pm.

It is my intention to set the hall up on Friday evening and get the terrain laid out ready to go first thing on Saturday. Anybody who can lend a hand moving some tables on Friday between 5-6pm please let me know. Your help would be appreciated.

Very happy that the "first" Wellington 2000 point event has attracted 26 players over the two days. Hopefully the numbers will encourage other locals to have a look at the game.