Monday, January 25, 2016

KoW Historicals

Listening to the latest episode of Counter Charge where they discuss the new campaign supplement, Destiny of Kings.

On the show is Alessio and as well as talking about DoK he gives some information on the upcoming - Spring/Summer - KoW Historical supplement.

It will be effectively a book of army lists that use the KoW rules. It will contain around 15-16 armies and the intent has been to in urge historical pairs. The info he gave suggests:

  • Greeks (Hoplite City States thru to Macedonians)
  • Persians (Early "300" and Late "Darius")
  • Romans (Caeser thru to Fall)
  • Barbarians (guessing Gauls thru to Franks/Goths/Huns)
  • Vikings
  • Saxons
  • Arab (Saladin)
  • Crusaders
  • Mongols
  • Samurai (guessing both Gempei and Late)
  • War of the Roses

I'd expect a European Medieval Knight - Teutonic, French - possibly Normans (think William the Bastard), leaving three more. I'm going to guess Egyptian, Assyrian and Carthaginian (Hannibal).


The idea is that they will have base units, ability to take upgrades, legendary leaders and if you take them some special units.


They are meant to be interchangeable lists with the existing army lists. I see that as a big ask but I'm really keen to see if they can great a good set of historical rules.


Also happy as I have painted 28mm Roman, Viking and Mongol armies!


  1. Sounds cool. Once I'e done my existing armies I'd be keen on having a KoM army that could double for non-fantasy gaming.

    Will be interested to see how this pans out. Mantic really do seem to have far more nouse than GW in creating a larger customer base by expanding their game to a wider audience.

  2. This is the best thing I read today. Very interested. Any pics of your Mongols? Just finished Conn Iggulden's Mongol series and am semi-convinced to do an army. 28mm?

    1. Don't think I have Alix. I have both 28mm - mix of Steve Barber and Curteys - and an old 15mm Mike's Models (circa 1980)