Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mighty Ape Service

I would encourage any local gamers to use Auckland-based online retailer, Mighty Ape. Not only do they carry a wide range of gaming and hobby products, they also have an easy to use webstore that details stock levels and reorder timeframes.

But the best thing is their service. They have great delivery - same day in Aucland and next day here in Wellington.

Great to have a such a good resource available here in NZ


  1. Can upgrade to get same day to Wellington & Chch if you order early in the day too, just costs a bit more than for Auckland.

  2. I'll second that. I have had 100% great service from them and great selections of goodies.

    1. I'll third it. Only two orders to date, but both delivered quickly and completely.

      Now that I'm looking to support Mantic, it's nice to be able to buy from a local shop without feeling that I'm being ripped off just for being a Kiwi.

  3. I bought my KoW books through them as my local store doesn't stock Mantic, and also impressed with their service.

    But first stop for me is always my local gaming store. If your local store supports your club, the support should go both ways.

  4. Agreed, I've used them since slave to painting shut up shop and they've always been excellent.

  5. As a new 'local' I agree. Mighty Ape are solid on the service front.