Monday, January 4, 2016

New Table Blooded

Got to use the new table for the first time today with two games, once against Greg's new Brotherhood army and the other against Sam's Varangur.

Deployment for the Ratkin in a game of "Invade". In the end the game was a draw with me a couple of hundred points up on Greg in terms of VPs. A very tight game against probably our strongest local player. I was really impressed by the strength of the Brotherhood list. This was my first game against it and it has an impressive ability to project backed up by strong resolve (Rallying and Inspiring).

Here's the view from Greg's table side. You can see the surround keeps the dice on table and the inserts keep all your counters organised.

I like the extra height as standing straight puts less pressure on your back....great for old bones.

The second game was my first runout against the Varangur and again I was impressed by the tools at Sam's disposal. We played Pillage and I was able to get up 3-0 (out of seven). However a seventh turn would likely see it moved back to 3-2. The Varangur have a great mix of Crushing Strength plus Thunderous Charge backed by Strider. Again a tight game that was on a knife edge right to the end.

Great to have had the games on the new table. Nice to see the benefit of the work.


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  1. Nice work on the table! Great holiday project. Good to see it in use.