Monday, January 11, 2016

Runefang Lists

Runefang is on this coming weekend. There are two separate events.

Saturday - Lists are here

List breakdown is:

  • 4 - Undead
  • 3 - Elves, Dwarfs
  • 2 - Varangur, Kingdoms of Men, Ratkin
  • 1 - Empire of Dust, Ogres, The Brotherhood, Twilight Kin, Basilea
Sunday - Lists are here

List breakdown is:
  • 4 - Dwarfs
  • 3 - Undead
  • 2 - Twilight Kin, Ratkin
  • 1 - Varangur, Elves, Empire of Dust, The Brotherhood, Kingdom of Men, Basilea


  1. If any one else cannot open these simply change the file to a pdf and it should open.

    Looks like some fun.

  2. Great range of lists. Looks like a number of very shooty lists, but also a number of lists designed to squish shooters.

    Twilight Kin (r simster) looks hard to beat, both Ratkin forces look good. Love the flying undead list and the mounted varangur list will be finishing games by t4 one way or the other!

  3. Big thanks to David Stuart who has switched from Sunday to Saturday. That gives us even numbers both days.