Friday, January 15, 2016

Runefang Tournaments - A Very Ratty Journey

This weekend my Ratkin are playing in both the Runefang events - "Kings" & "War".

Saturday's "Kings" has 22 participants with a wide range of armies, slanted to Dwarfs, Undead and Elves. Sunday has 16 participants again with slightly different army mix.

My list is as follows:

  • 3x Slave Regiments
  • Slave Horde
  • Blight Horde - Scrying Gem
  • Shock Troop Horde - Fire Oil
  • Brute Horde - Brew of Haste
  • Hackpaws Troop
  • 3x Weapons Teams - Storm of Lead
  • Mutant Rat Fiend
  • Warlock - Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman
  • Swarm Crier
  • Demonspawn - Fly

The list has 15 deployment drops. Coupled with the Gem this should help me control the deployment phase. I've spent some time over the past week looking at various deployment options and I think with this plan, the number of drops and Gem that I can gain a real edge against a lot of my opponents.


My biggest concern is my lack of experience versus a number of lists - particularly some of the Uncharted Empire lists. There are a whole lot of units I've never played but generally it is a case of deconstructing their characteristics and honing in on the weakness. This may be the Nerve value or lack of Speed - or for top flight units it may be their high points cost.


What I'm most looking forward to this weekend is playing against a wide variety of armies and seeing how they work and how the Ratkin compete against them.


Check back Monday for some pictures and reports.

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