Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kings of War - "Common Misconceptions" Sheet

Under the Rules Discussion sub-form over at the Mantic Forum, there is a "sticky" thread called "Common Misconceptions".

I've taken the content and tidied it up, reformatting it so it will fit on a single sheet of A4 you can fold in half and slip into your Rulebook.

You can find it here

Thanks very much to Rules Committee member Daedle for taking the time to put it together. As the title says it addresses some of the areas in the rules that people have problems with.

It is not exhaustive but provides a starting point if an issue is causing you problems.


  1. I still find the nimble and 180 degree pivot confusing.
    Can we make a 90 degree pivot and then immediately make a 2nd 90 degree pivot?
    The second bullet seems to imply you can providing each pivot end clear.
    The first bullet can be interpreted you can't.
    IMO it looks like 2 consecutive pivots is OK providing each on is clear.

    1. You are exactly right Neil. As long as both end clear they can be made without any intervening movement

    2. I think it can be an issue if you are using a rectangular base. It means you can't flip about automatically but have to go through the ninety-degree position. It might be important if it's a tight squeeze or there are obstructing units.

  2. On a separate topic with the Betrayal of Calth set out have you given any thought to resurrecting the "Tale of X Gamers HH" project?