Thursday, January 28, 2016


One of the things I wanted to ensure with Kings of War was that I played with a multitude of armies over 2016 to ensure I learn different tactics and play styles. Because of ETC requirements my last couple of years of WHFB were restricted to the same army and largely the same build. No matter how characterful and rewarding the rats were, anything will eventually lose its appeal after repeated play.

So having started with Ratkin and with Runefang done and dusted, I decided that now is the time to try a new army. I have a few painted armies and some of them see little table time. Looking at them I was keen to choose one and play it for the next few months. Candidates were Undead or Empire of Dust but they are both common in the local scene so I might give them a miss for awhile. I looked at both Brotherhood and Rhordia but I need to finish some painting before I can get them on the table. Ogres are an option and I'm looking at them to tray up over the weekend. I was keen on Goblins and Orcs but both armies are being built by local gamers so from diversity point of view I think I'll avoid them for now.

That leaves Salamanders and Elves as options. I've got painted armies for both that I purchased (Elves in 2010 and Lizards in 2013) and have never used. Both seem to offer different play styles to what I experienced with the Ratkin so I'm going to tray both up to use over next few months. The Elves are the most table-ready as I suspect that there are a few models to be painted once I work up a Salamander list (if anyone has current ed Kroxigors I am an interested buyer).

With that in mind, last night I got out the Elves I purchased off Phil Comins. In the intervening five years I've had Sam Whitt paint some units for me so I have a pretty full palette to choose from - with the exception of units of Drakons.

The PEGs are a foreign country for me. I hated their fluff in Warhammer and I'm not sure it is a lot different in Mantica - haughty, arrogant fussy pants. They have none of the valour or honour I identify in armies like my Ratkin so it will be a hurdle I need to get over. That, coupled with the differing play style means it will be a new "experience".

So what do I have ready to go:

  • Regiments of infantry - Spearmen, Palace Guard
  • The ubiquitous Horde of Archers - either +1 to hit, Piercing or +12" range
  • Bolt Throwers
  • Troop of Light Cav
  • Troops/Regiments of Heavy Cav - I can see at least one Caterpillar regiment
  • A Dragon
  • Numerous characters mounted and on foot

I'm pretty sure I can put together something out of that. So expect to see Pete's PEGs hit the table soon!


  1. Replies
    1. Lliam is doing them and I haven't worked out the mapping from DoC to Abyssals yet. Now if I had 75 Succubus it would be a lot easier

    2. Mine won't be on the table any time soon.

  2. Seems that Herd, Orcs, Ogres might be third tier to me, with dwarfs, abyssal dwarfs and gobbos 2nd tier, with elves, twilight kin top tier.

  3. Great choice :) Did you ever add up the unnoficial survey you did of army popularity?
    I think you'll find regiments of spearmen are a bit underwhelming, people tend to run palace guard in smaller units and spearmen as a horde where they get the bonus of stacking attacks - with an item to add a bit of punch.


      There you go.

      Yeah, I suspect Palace Guard might be better for regiments too