Thursday, August 31, 2017

40K - Death Guard Out 9 September

Old news now but Death Guard officially released on 9 September.

Only three releases:

  • Mortarion
  • Plague Brethren
  • Codex
I suspect the rest - two types of Terminator, new vehicle and more Plague Marines are later in month.

When I saw the prices I must admit to a strong case of Sticker Shock.

Mortarion is NZD 280 - for those of you overseas that is - USD 202 or GBP 157. The USD list price is $140 while UK RRP is GBP85.

The Plague Brethren is a webstore exclusive and is NZD 83 for three models though they are accompanied by an 8 page booklet and 3 art cards.

Guessing the delay in releases is to let your wallet recover.


  1. GW's continual setting of FX to pre 2000 levels means my hobby funds continue to go to other companies.

  2. its the need to have local value. Apparently they pay Australians to stick the components in boxes to claim a local company status.