Sunday, August 20, 2017

40K - Kitbashing Emperor's Children Terminators

I have a unit of Emperor's Children Terminators that are all armed with Sonic Weaponry - but GW took that away 😢

Getting back into Legion 40k I need to build a new unit....that "fits" the game. So the last couple of nights I've been kitbashing a new EC Termie as proof of concept.

As a base I have used the Tartaros Terminator. I have added a metal combi-plasma and an Imperial Lightning Claw. The head is from the Emperor's Children box while the kitbag is from the Ogres box. On the top of his armour I have added in a Dirge Caster from the Chaos Vehicle Sprue so he can play his Taylor Swifts "hits" of choice.

The aim was to get a Terminator that is a bit cobbled together after his fight in The Long War. I'm keen to use the odd bit of "Imperial" and "CSM" kit on the models to reflect the reliance the warband has on scavenging weapons and armour.

I've also bought a box of Cataphracti Terminators to give the squad some variation. 

Happy with the result so I'll turn some more out over the next few weeks.


  1. I like everything except the bag thing. Doesnt fit imo. Just looks like it was a random piece lying around so you glued it on.

    1. We'll have to disagree on that :-)

      The whole of the army is built around an infantry warband theme. So there is none of the structure you see in the Imperium. I try to capture that by having them dragging their kit with them. Perhaps it will look better once its painted.