Monday, August 28, 2017

40K - My "Come At Me, Bro" Emperor's Children Terminator Squad

Listening to various podcasts, I hear that Terminators are not very good. I thought I'd put that to the test with my Emperor's Children warband.

By the 41st Millenium there is little, if any, Legion structure left in the Emperor's Children. Reading the Black Library background novels - Fabius Bile, Lucius etc - it seems that the past 10,000 years haven't been good for the Phoenician's Finest and they have descended into a bunch of personality-led warbands. That has always been the basis for my EC armies which eschew heavy vehicles for Infantry-based solutions.

On that basis I made up a unit of Termies to support my power armoured marines.

They are made out of a mix of Tartaros and Catafracti armour from 30k. I've then added in various Emperor's Children, Chaos Terminator, imperial Terminator and Chaos Mutation bits. The Noise Casters are from the Chaos Vehicle sprue.

I managed too grab 3-4 Combi-plasmas from my bitz box but the rest have been made from plasma guns, boltguns and plasma pistols.

They are also carrying their "kit" with them so I have flayed skin, bags and tools on their belts. I salvaged some pieces of meat from the Ogre box and they use these to feed the daemonettes that follow them.

Next job is to clean up all the mold lines and plastic tags before filling gaps and priming


  1. Looking great, decided on a paint scheme or adding to your old Emperors Children?

    If your old EC, will you revise to 32mm or keep them at 25mm?

    1. Cheers. All my old EC power armoured guys are on 40mm bases (they were two top heavy for 25mm bases and at time no 32mm). I'll probably bring them down to 32mm plastic bases and mount the Termies on 40mm....that's the current sizing, yeah?

    2. Painting them up like my old purples and jades

  2. Pleasurably Devine work sir! From one EC to another... busy reading Lucious now...