Thursday, August 17, 2017

40K - The Duplicity of Daemons

Over the last few days I've been delving more and more into Codex:Chaos Space Marines. Now I'm pretty sure I have developed a case of Stockholm Syndrome - in that for Traitor Legions, while it's not Gav Thorpe's bastard offspring, it's still pretty shite - there is hope with Death Guard getting their own book soon.

I've been focusing on Emperor's Children with a view to re-introducing my fun-packed warband back to the table. Now there are no Noise Terminators, Noise Bikers or Noise Havocs in the book....teah, my lack of surprise was palatable. And there is the little matter of the misprint - GW mistakenly omitted the clause from the Index where Cult Marines were Troop, but hey, I'm sure they'll fix it this weekend.

The thing that struck me was that if I took Daemonettes in my list then it suddenly wasn't Emperor's Children and I lost their Legion Trait. Bizarre but then things get strange.

Apparently any Chaos Character if we stands still can summon a daemonic incursion. So as long as I set aside points and Summon the Daemonettes - roll a 4+ on three dice - then I can have them in my army while keeping the Legion Trait. Against that, they don't count as a Force Org choice but that's not the end of the world is it.

So Emperor's Children + Summoned Daemonettes = Okay, Emperor's Children + selected Daemonettes = Not Okay.

Cracks joke about "Just like a woman to be late"

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  1. You can also just take a cheap Herald and bring the Daemons in their own Detachment, and it still works out fine. That said, Summoning them does seem to be the better option in many cases, since it means they don't have to slog across the field, and they're unlikely to survive to make extensive use of ObSec.