Thursday, August 3, 2017

40K - Call to Arms: Playing the Tournament Game

This weekend sees me attending Call to Arms the Warlords' annual convention. As part of that I'll be playing in the 40k tournament that provides the opportunity for me to double the number of games of "new" 40k that I've played.

With this ruleset I am keen to stick to the more narrative end of gaming rather than hit the competitive trail. I'm hoping to find a little utopia at our club where - rather than training for tournaments - the games are an end to themselves. In that I'll be focus on playing with and playing against armies that make sense in a narrative way.

However when you go to an event you buy a ticket to the dance and play what your opponent brings. Perusing the lists that are coming along to CTA, it appears the main driver is efficiency/competitiveness which is not unexpected. There are an awful lot of flyers and a preponderance to minmaxed squads.

My first round opponent is bring Guard where over 50% of his 1500 points are in named characters and Lords of War!

I'm hoping that I will get to play 5 different army types over the weekend. To date I have played Tau, Sisters, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar and Space Marines. The Guard will make it a sixth different opponent. Looking through the lists there are Tyranids (a few), Eldar (a few), Necrons and more Marine variants than you can poke a stick at. There is also the Host of the Eternity King Ynnari for those who want the best of all the PEGs.

I'll get some pics for Monday.

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