Tuesday, August 22, 2017

40k - Because the Meek Won't Inherit the Rift

Given the victory for the Veterans of the Long War this week in their besting of the Automons of the Imperium (GW backtracking on Noise Marine Force Org status), I decided to celebrate by expanding my warband from 1500 to 2000 points.

In doing this I've decided to expand out my existing Battalion formation rather than try to game the Command Point system by shoehorning in a second formation.

The extra 500 points will be achieved by fitting in further "signature" units:
  • Sonic Dreadnaught - Helbrute, 2x Blastmaster, Helbrute Fist, Mark of Slaanesh, Hereticus Astartes [Emperor's Children] - this is drawn from FW Chaos Index - (Elite) - 152 points
  • Summoned Daemons - 157 points - equates to 21 Daemonettes including Daemonic Instrument
  • Havoc Squad - 6 Havocs, 4 Lascannons (Heavy Support) - 178 points
This gives me a Warband  using Battalion Formation (6 Command Points) of:
  • HQ x2
  • Troops x3
  • Elite x2
  • Heavy Support x2
  • Dedicated Transport x1
  • Summoned Daemons (157 Points)
Pretty much all is ready to go except my Terminators and finishing off the Sonic Dread. Further expansion will be more Noise Marines, a third Havoc unit, a second Rhino and a second Dreadnaught. That should get me out to around 2700 points. 

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