Tuesday, August 8, 2017

40K - CTA 40k Photos

I managed to snap some photos over the weekend. I also picked up a few of my terrain and army from Luke Forrest's blog (hope you don't mind Luke) and from Facebook.

Looking down the hall at Call to Arms

My Crashed Tau Terrain
Luke Forrest's Primaris lurking in my ruins

Michael Prince's Tau - I played him Round Two

Simon Smith's Ad Mech in my ruins

Bryn Jones' Crimson Fists - We met in Round 3

One of two nice Tyranid armies I saw

And the other one

Dave Hodgett's artillery park

Ryan Pike's Tau - Nice clean paint job

Glen Burfield's Craftworld

Luke's Primaris

My Ruined City Table


  1. You guys definitely know how to put on a shindig! Some great shots there.