Friday, August 11, 2017

40K: Takeaways from CTA

Last weekend I played Warhammer 40k at Call to Arms. I had originally been signed up for Kings of War but bailed with the release of the "new" 40k. My thinking was that it was a good opportunity to play more games quickly.....I'd played 5 previous to the event, by the end I had doubled my experience 😎

I took my Daemons along not expecting to do particularly well given the nature of the army. In the end I had four games finish 8-7 and one 11-4. That was enough to push me into 6th overall and the top 25%.

So what did I learn?

  • I need to speed up my play. I only finished my first game in the allotted time all the rest getting to either Turn 4-5. Given that was 4/5 games I need to recognise that I am part of the problem. In my defence I haven't played for so long a lot of the units in the opposing armies were totally new to me. I learned a lot about the various opposition. Given i have little shooting in the Nurgle, I need to make a conscious effort.
  • My army doesn't like playing from the short edge. My last three games saw me have to come up the table with a trudging infantry the best. In future I think I'd use a CP to re-roll the Deployment choice.
  • I entertained the "Peanut Gallery". Apparently I'm really good at rolling 5s and 6s. A lot of people fail to appreciate that 5+ save followed by 5+ save means I have 55% chance of ignoring the wound. When I follow it with a further save of 6+ my chances of ignoring a wound rise to 63%. They are pretty much equivalent to a 4+ and 3+ save respectively. Yo, maths bitch!
  • Following on from the second point, in the medium term I want to introduce more mobility and/or "reach" into my army. I remember back in 3rd Ed having similar problems with my Death Guard that had little long range shooting. It wasn't until I reworked my list with the late 2002 Codex that I was able to get that reach.
Overall quite a few takeaways from the first local outing in four editions. I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow's release of the new Codex:CSM. I've worked up a new list for my Emperor's Children now just a case to see where the points land.

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