Thursday, August 10, 2017

40K - Chapter Approved

Looks like GW continues to make adjustments to "new" Warhammer 40k by preshadowing the release of "Chapter Approved" by Xmas.

This brings some major adjustments to the game:

  • Boots on Ground - units picked as part of Flyer Battlefield Role can never control objectives
  • Objective Secured - if Battleforged army then all Troops in faction get Obsec
  • First Turn - +1 for finishing Deployment first, not "Go First"
Three pretty major changes and I think you'll see TOs adopt the changes ahead of the book's release.


  1. third one needs to never enter the game, it doesn't work it means beta strike armies are now able to be alpha strike ones

    1. Can you elaborate please. I'm not sure I'm understanding your point.