Friday, August 4, 2017

KOW - CTA Army Lists

As per yesterday's post, the Warlords' annual Call to Arms convention is on this weekend in Wellington.

Unfortunately the KOW tournament has attracted only six participants as it struggles to compete with the GW juggernauts (Age of Sigmar has 38 while 40k has 24). The lack of support is worrying for the long term survivability of KOW as a tournament game locally. After two years of trying to grow the community, the local take-up is at its lowest ebb 😢 It appears that the playing community really did want a skirmish-based Fantasy game after all.....round bases FTW!

You can download the KOW army lists here

We have:

  • 2x Orcs
  • Varangur
  • Forces of Nature
  • Dwarfs
  • Trident Realms
I'm going to pick Peter Williamson to take it out with his Varangur. That said, pretty much any of the participants could emerge triumphant.


  1. 38 in a fantasy tournament in Wellington is impressive. Are they all new players or has there been a lot of pick up from "the old guard"?

    1. In the end there were 30 turnups. I'd say 4-6 were previous WHFB Fantasy players. The rest were people I hadn't seen at tournaments before.

      In 40k there were 24 players including 2-3 of us who haven't played for 3 editions