Monday, August 21, 2017

40K - Noise Marines' Lives Matter

You can't stop the power of the people.

After two weeks of bleating and hijacking every Warhammer 40000 Facebook page thread, disciples of the World Eaters and Emperor's Children have got what they wanted....nay, demanded.

Noise Marines are now Troops in an Emperor's Children army meaning, we don't have to pay a Command Point tax and our favoured sons receive Obsec.

You can check out the FAQ here

Now GW will say they heard our calls....I'm not so sure. Given the number of mistakes/editing errors in Codex:CSM, I'm going to put the original omissions down to a competency failure (making this clearly a correction rather than reconsideration). Still, a win is a win.

So see people, if you are on the side of right your voice can be heard.....especially if you are a Noise Marine!


  1. And remember this is

    "to create fun, thematic lists with tons of Command Points"

  2. I did like that until the FAQ World Eater Detachments could take Psykers and models with the Mark of Slaanesh - damn them for removing options. I was looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing for writing some background/justification for my army :)

    1. Ha ha.....yep they took the route of lesser evil