Tuesday, August 8, 2017

KOW - Call to Arms Results

Kings of War was also run at Call to Arms. Unfortunately it only attracted six participants. However this did allow a round robin to be played.

The results were as follows:

Best Painted went to Neil Williamson and Best Sport to Peter Williamson.

Congratulations to Rob (the Invader from the North) on his win. He destroyed all opposition in the first four rounds before running into Higgins' Orcs in the final round where he suffered a 1-15 loss.

Hopefully the final round of the Warlords Super Series on 16 September will attract a bigger field.


  1. Bigger field.
    I'll try and put on a bit of weight for you Pete.
    Or maybe my growth spurt might start 40+ years late

  2. Thanks everyone for a fun tourney :) And I'm so glad to hear we're on for next month!

    1. Yep sign up now for September WSS. Makes it easier than having to chase people in the last fortnight