Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review - Army Builder – A Tool Every Gamer Should Have

Army Builder, the list building software from is probably the one gaming tool everybody should have. It is as critical as dice, tape measure and template in the greater scheme of things.

Essentially it is a software interface that lets you build your list and generate a roster without needing to go through a labourious spreadsheet process. Oh, I know there are going to be those that say “I can do all this on Excel and it doesn’t cost me a cent” and yes you are right, however look at the features you get with Army Builder:

• Multi-system software
• Monthly updates for new codexes/army books/bugs
• Multiple output options

Army Builder works on a license basis (USD 29.95 per year) but with the appropriate datafiles (free) you get access to all the armies in the system. The software allows you to build your list to a given points value and has an in-built validation system that checks that you satisfy all list criteria and importantly don’t break any of the list rules. There is no chance to generate a list with multiple Arcane Items or for your BSB to have a Magic Banner as well as Magic Items, to name two common list mistake.

As a TO I commonly use the system to validate participants’ lists and in the past five years and almost 1000 lists, Army Builder may have had a “bug” less than 10 times. Where else would you get 99.9% reliability?

Army Builder lets you build your own lists and easily change items and units at a keystroke. It is a great tool if you are thinking of a new army but want to play around with lists before you commit.

Seriously if there is one purchase you make this year then Army Builder should be it.


  1. Let me know when thier user interface looks less like it was created last century.

    But yeah, you are probably right.

  2. It won't work on a MAC, which is why I won't buy it.... ;p

  3. Nothing worth using works on a Mac, dont single out army builder ;D!

  4. Interestingly an iPad version (hopefully iPhone) version is being developed so they must be able to do a Mac.

  5. and it will look a shit load better on a mac... :p'''

  6. Having used it properly now, I have to admin the ability to validate your army with this tool is pretty much essential.

    However, I do still have issue with the way the tool presents it's interface. Essentially it is a "developers" interface i.e. an interface created by someone focussing on the features, not on the way a normal person uses the program - (full disclosure, I program for a living).