Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Horus Heresy Podcast

One area of Warhammer 40k where Games Workshop have been fantastic with is the creation of the “fluff” background. Over the past 20 years the background has been constantly developed even though the timeline hasn’t progressed. The development of the 40k universe is far stronger than that of the Warhammer “World”, but not to the extent that some commentators peg it.

The advances of the past few years are in no small part due to the output of The Black Library. Their books have allowed the backstory to blossom. In particular, the Horus Heresy and Time of Legends series have added immeasurably to the narrative.

If you are at all interested in the Horus Heresy and the story of a favoured son’s betrayal by a jealous and vengeful father, then I recommend checking out the latest podcast by World’s End Radio ( The two hosts give a potted history of the fifteen HH novels to date discussing some of the “new” revelations and new questions raised. It’s an excellent summary for those interested in this pivotal phase of the 40k history.

Hopefully you’ll gain a greater appreciation of what a small minded, neurotic spiv the Corpse-god actually is.


  1. I've finally finished the trash that was 'Battle for the Abyss' - so can now move onto the good books once more. I'm already getting stuck in to Mechanicus and find it hard to put down.
    The downside of this is it makes me want to pick my Adeptus Mechanicus guard army back up!

  2. Just read and re read the purging of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe. A good read about Ghazghkull vs the dark angels. .... he did such a good job of 'path of the warrior' that I almost took a unit of Striking Scorpions to a tournament.... almost haha. I am looking forward to 'path of the seer'