Monday, March 21, 2011

Lizards & Orks Triumph at Equinox

Well the Orks wasn't a surprise - Charlie St. Clair going 6/6 and retaining his title from last year - the win by Mal Patel with Lizards might be to some. It shouldn't be!

Mal has been dominating the Christchurch gaming scene recently and also won Wellington's Call to Arms last year. He finished 4th at the NZ Masters in December and was selected for the 2011 New Zealand ETC team.

From all reports Mal was using a UK-inspired Lizard list with a cut-down Slaan (I'm guessing Ethereal and Beast Magic), an Oldblood on a Cold One and 3 Scar Vets on Coldones. This is backed up by one big Saurus block and numerous support units.

The Scar vets are all very formidible and able to take a lot of punishment.


  1. Mal played very clinically, in the round 6 game I had with him I could only present one true threat to his 1600pt square, which he wriggled out of nicely. All my other attempts to coax luck out of my dice failed after that :)

  2. Was glad to see Mal walk away with it, a win couldn't happen to a nicer guy :D