Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Equinox This Weekend

This weekend sees the Equinox Warhammer tournament in Auckland. I played with my Skaven at the inaugural event last year and came 2nd out of forty players with a 5 win - 1 draw record. My demise was running into a Nurgle Daemon Wall o' Crap army in the last round and only managing an 11-9 win. This put me a couple of points behind the eventual winner (also Daemons) who I had beaten in Round 5.

This year I would suggest that the field is even better than last year when it drew most of the top ranked players. I am expecting a hard fought competition but my money is on the wily Tony Vodanovich to sweep all before him. After him I think the battle will be fought out for second and third by a mix of players running Warriors of Chaos or Vampire Counts. Could be interesting too when the Bye Buster is the country's No. 2 ranked player :-)

In the 40k event there is a very large field partici[pating. However it lacks quality and depth so I'll be very surprised if anybody emerges to topple last year's winner, Charlie St. Clair. Given that this event has a TO that has put in a robust scoring system and has a sound knowledge of army strength I'll be amazed if we have a repeat of the Battlecry outcome. Hopefully, the participants can exhibit a little more decorum at the presentation ceremony!

The organisers of Equinox have done a great job with this event, making it a cornerstone of the tournament year.

Good luck to all attending. I'll be watching the results with interest.


  1. Come on now, I'm the former No. 2 ranked player :P

  2. Last run for the old OG book and my first tournament with an all-Goblin army of madness and/or doom. I'll be "Hand and Foot of Gorking" with my Gobbo Shamans like crazy while I still can! Are they as broken/heinous as that Daemon army I took last year? Only time will tell (but I suspect not!).

    My goodness though - the Goblins are so much more fun to play with (and I dare say, against).