Monday, March 7, 2011

Skaven Gutter Runner Units

Just after New Year a package arrived from GWUK (via James Milner, due to GW's new repressive postage) which contained six of the metal assasins. I really dislike the Night Runner plastics and am not two fussed on the Gutter Runner metals so I decided all my Gutter Runners would be the more imposing Assassin figures. Unfortunately there is only two poses - with daggers or with weeping blades and they do no lend themselves to potential conversions. To introduce some variety I decided to include the old and new Deathmaster Snitch figures as "psuedo" leaders.

I really enjoyed painting the figures and though I wish there was greater potential for variety I'm happy with how they came up.

Being skirmishers I need to make special movement trays for them. Unfortunately most manufacturers do them in ranks of five and I wanted mine for the unit of six. In the end I bought a 15 (5x3) skirmish tray from Litko and cut it longitudinally into two 3x2 and one 3x1 (useful for a small units of Wraiths).

In keeping with the rest of my army I used some of the old Lord of the Rings building walls on the edges. This means I can pick up the tray easily and move it where I need it to rain poisoned death. This is especially important for these models as they are metal figures and constant handling is not good for the paintwork.


  1. Very nice unit - I think you meant Deathmaster Snitch? Instead of "to include the old and new Ikit Klaw figures".
    All the best,

  2. Of course you're right......aaahhh. I have the new Ikit sitting here as well :-)