Monday, March 7, 2011

This Week's Painting - Forge World Great Unclean One

My project this week is the Forgeworld Great Unclean One I purchased recently off Trademe (NZ’s local eBay equivalent). I spent yesterday afternoon putting it together – it took 10 minutes and that includes pinning all the horns, tentacle, tongue and sword.

The model is one big lump of resin. I have undercoated it with Chaos Black spray and it will hit the painting table tonight. I’ll try and remember to take WIP shots as I paint it.

I intend painting it in my traditional Death Guard scheme that’s caused comment in the past. When my Death Guard won Best Painted at the New Zealand Grand Tournament in 2004 the guy who came second told me “I can never tell whether your stuff is well painted or just messy!”

Know your limitations – Purple and Green FTW

Last Week's Painting

Finally after a couple of weeks of inactivity I finished my two new units of Gutter Runners for my Skaven, including their skirmish movement trays. Pictures up this evening

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  1. Fantastic, cannot wait to see it in its rotting glory - Forge World models get me excited.

    I have Theodore Bruckner and the Demigryph arriving this week and have not worked with resin before, so am actually looking forward to it.